How to apply

If you are a prospective or an existing foster carer who has recently received a qualifying determination (see definition below) you have three options:

  1. you may accept the proposal
  2. you can make written representations to your fostering service provider within 28 calendar days of the date of the provider’s letter, in which case the provider is required to refer the case back to their fostering panel for a review of that proposal or
  3. you can apply in writing to the IRM Cymru within 28 calendar days of the provider’s letter for a review of the fostering service provider’s qualifying determination

However, you can not do both 2 and 3.

What the IRM Cymru can do for you

The IRM Cymru is a review process conducted by a Review Panel which is independent of fostering service providers.

If you choose to use the IRM Cymru the review panel will, where appropriate:

Things the IRM Cymru doesn’t do

How the Review Panel works

The Review Panel considers the following information to make its recommendation:

If the Review Panel needs further information, this will be requested from your fostering service provider before the panel meeting.

You will be invited to attend the meeting.  The review panel will have questions for you and the fostering service provider.  The panel will also obtain legal and medical advice if required.

Results and outcomes

The Review Panel makes its recommendation and will provide a copy of the panel minutes to you and the fostering service provider.

The foster service provider must take this recommendation into account as well as the recommendation of the original fostering panel when making its final decision on your suitability to foster a child.


A “qualifying determination” is a determination made by the fostering service provider that they: